Amazing and original performance

Max Maven, The Master

Ran Gafner’s in-person performance is called “Beyond Imagination”: “This telepathy show leaves no room for wander even for the last of the skeptics.  In his show, Ran incorporates unusual skills of intuition and parapsychology, having an amazing impact on people and objects using tools Ran has developed for himself over the years.

The show includes the complete cooperation of all participants. This creates a collective experience which will remain in the mind of those who take part for a long time to come. Ran does all this with a great deal of humor and grace.

If you are seeking to add value to your event, Mentalist Ran Gafner’s – Close-Up performance is the ideal solution for you.

What is a close-up performance?
During a close-up performance, Ran circulates the event, be it at the reception, or among the tables, and surprises your guests with magic happening literally in their own hands! Ran creates unconventional and amazing things out of mundane objects, reads your guests’ minds and even teaches them a thing or two, so they leave with an unusual experience they will remember throughout their lives.

Is your company launching a new product? A new service? Ran Gafner is the most incredible solution for you and your company.

In your booth, at the exhibition or at a business conference, Ran will amaze the passersby, making sure to attract as many people as possible to your booth or stall, creating a gathering of potential clients around him. The segments which he will present, will embed in your potential clients’ minds, messages which relate to the product or service you are marketing, doing so after giving it a great deal of thought and doing in-depth research into your company and products in order to “tailor” the show especially for you. Ran has extensive experience in marketing and influence and will therefore create many leads for your company.