Online Show

Want to surprise your clients or guests at your event, with an amazing and interactive show through zoom?
Now the Mentalist Ran Gafner is in your living room!
Ran won the European Championship in Mentalism, with numerous television appearances in Israel and around the world and over a decade of appearances at conferences and corporate events.
The show is broadcast from a professional studio and is perfectly adapted to the current era, so all you have to do is relax on the sofa in the living room, in front of the computer and watch a show where you and your guests are the real stars!
Ran will guess exactly what you are thinking, demonstrate how he can influence your choices and blow your mind with an original act never seen before! (wait till you see what brought him winning the European Championship 🙂 )
The show is very engaging and entertaining so Ran will surly amaze you!

Still undecided? You can schedule a meeting with Ran, at no cost on Zoom, where he will show you something crazy!
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