Ran Gafner

Mentalist & Telepathy Artist

Winner of the Europe
FISM Championships


Ran Gafner, a mentalist and telepathy artist, is a graduate of the Rimon School of Music and psychology studies. Ran is considered as one of the best and most promising mentalists in Israel.

After countless telepathy shows in Israel and abroad, TV appearances in shows such as “Who will knock-out the master?”, “Invisible” by Nimrod Harel, many morning talk-shows, Italian prime-time TV show “Masters of Magic” – Special performances for celebrities, and after predicting the election results in the press, Ran was chosen to represent Israel at the FISM European Championship 2020 (FISM-International Federation of Magic Societies) – and won first place for Best Mentalism Act!

אמן חושים בזום

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